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Our event management team will deliver event planning safety and logistics through a detailed running order for all crew, suppliers and of course the client. We will co-ordinate licensing, permissions, road closures, suppliers, caterers, production, set designers and entertainment on the day, and oversee build and breakdown of the event. We communicate and work closely with you to get your event 100% right, managing your expectations throughout the process and during the event.

What we do.

From the opening of a corporate headquarters to an open-air concert to a sporting event, Event Management Solutions Ltd can save you time, money and many of the stresses concerns any organiser has.

Organising an event is not as simple as just finding a venue and hoping everything goes right. Have you thought about, licences, risk assessments, security, fire safety,

capacity, design, information, management, ingress, circulation, egress, transport, stewards, traffic management?The list can go on and on. A company event will take your staff away from the normal day’s work for long periods and they may not have the skills and contacts to guarantee a successful event.

From many years experience, Event Management Solutions Ltd, have gained the knowledge, experience, contacts and skills to deliver a successful event for you.

Who we are

Event Management Solutions Ltd is headed up by Peter Young. Peter has had the pleasure of delivering many roles, from the event director of Mannifest to the safety officer at the filming of Belle. His diverse experience in all types of events ensures that each event runs smoothly and all the staff supplied are well briefed and deliver on our promises of personal service, delivered to the highest quality.

Event Management Solutions Believe

  • Virtually anything is possible, given the time and right people to arrange it.
  • Health and Safety Legislation is an enabler to assist an event not hinder it.
  • By contracting professionals it will save your organisation’s time and provide you with a high level of confidence so everyone can enjoy your event.